Thursday 22 March 2018 / 11:13 AM

KD Drops 63; Knicks Starters?; More Howard

In case you missed it, here is what happened in the NBA this week.

News From This Past Week:

  • Knicks workout Sean May and D.J. White
  • LeBron James confirms he isn’t shooting for NBPA president bid
  • Veteran Mike Bibby wants one more NBA season, according to reports
  • Delonte West doesn’t believe being bipolar was his issue
  • Michael Beasley remains in Heat’s radar, according to reports. I don’t think Beasley would be a great fit for the Heat. Solid player with, still, a nice upside considering his youth, but his attitude and reputation is something Miami should stay away from
  • Kevin Durant scores 63 on 62 shots in some random summer game. Who really cares and why is ESPN and other major news outlets reporting this information? It’s virtually a summer league, YMCA basketball game with nothing on the line and even less defense than the NBA regular season, yet this was one of the more newsworthy stories this week. If you take 62 shots, you should score more than 63 points anyway so this is useless information
  • Hawks’ First-round pick Lucas Nogueira will remain in Spain
  • Brett Brown named Sixers head coach
  • Iman Shumpert to appear on Michelle Obama hip-hop album
  • Suns’ Archie Goodwin will give ‘hell’ to teams that passed on him
  • LeBron James content ‘right now’ in Miami
  • NBA deputy Silver: League to monitor HGH
  • Al Harrington: Wizards are ‘definitely going to make the playoffs. When I first heard this comment I thought “give me a break” but on second thought, the Eastern Conference 6-8 seeds generally have an average to below-average record. It’s not that far out of the question
  • Kobe Bryant: Achilles feels ‘good’
  • Cole Aldrich works out for Sacramento Kings
  • Nets’ Lopez in boot after surgery on right foot, says he feels ‘great’
  • Knicks Amar’e Stoudemire to be Miss America Pageant judge. How about you worry about your health on the basketball court? I know, maybe I’m a little harsh on Stoudemire, but c’mon man, get healthy, play good basketball and stay out of stuff like this. I don’t want to see you judging how women look, I want to see you performing on the court
  • Popeye Jones added to Pacers’ coaching staff
  • Celtics, Grizzlies complete Fab Melo for Donte Green deal
  • T-Wolves, Nikola Pekovic agree to 5-year, $60M deal
  • Jim Buss on Dwight Howard: ‘He was never really a Laker’. Couldn’t agree more. He never fit in, and I said from the beginning, Howard could never fully be trusted last season in Los Angeles
  • Mike Woodson unsure of Knicks’ starting lineup


Biggest Takeaways From The Week:

  • Dwight Howard not really a Laker? Jim Buss may have given Stoudemire some parting shots, but they were well deserved. Even though you can’t trust the guy, and the Lakers were fools for believing his act, there should be some sense of trust with an organization and a player. It just shows you the type of person Howard is at this moment of his career
  • The NBA to monitor HGH. After hearing stories in other sports about HGH or performance-enhancing drugs, I’m hoping that we see nothing come from this as the NBA begins or continues its monitoring. Basketball is a much different sport than baseball, but I wouldn’t doubt somebody is using it right now
  • Archie Goodwin looks for redemption to start his NBA career. The drive is there. The skill level is there. The frame (6’5, 200 pounds) is there. Archie Goodwin is on the right track, and I absolutely love his attitude. Many forget that Goodwin not only got injured last season, but he was playing out of position, as the point guard at Kentucky. He never really has been that point guard mold, but his one-year at Kentucky will help him going forward in his NBA career. Not only can he attack the rim and do other things shooting guards can do, but he now has the ability to run a team. Goodwin is on the right track, and I absolutely love his upside in Phoenix

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