Zoetermeers Dagblad |  Groot is the lead character for South America at Gerstcircus The Hague

Zoetermeers Dagblad | Groot is the lead character for South America at Gerstcircus The Hague

Its producers Big Christmas Circus The Hague Announce Colombia and Brazil artists. The event takes place in Maliveld over the Christmas holidays – 23rd December to 7th January.

“The choice of acts from South America is not accidental,” says director Sandor Donnert. “The continent is known for its high-quality circus acts, which are presented with great talent.” Dutch music star Bert Simhofer is the ringmaster in the new project.

The Christmas Circus has been in The Hague for over thirty years. “The public expects quality,” says Donnert. “We must be surprised again and again by special acts that appeal to the imagination.” That ambition brought him to Columbia. “In that country we saw a group of acrobats dancing above the railing, stretched over two steel cables. This kind of act is both tasteful and controversial to the Dutch public. Also, this group has never been seen in this country before. We have something really special with these acrobats.”

The Great Christmas Circus in The Hague attracts over 35,000 visitors to Malliveld every year. The heated theater tent is equipped with bucket seats and is fully decorated in a Christmas atmosphere. No animals perform at the Groot Christmas Circus in The Hague.

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The humor in the show comes from South America. “We’ve paired Brazilian comedian Pepe with the performance. He’s a clown of our time. Not old-fashioned or boring, but really funny. He’s the common thread of the show with his in-betweeners.” Donnert also mentions stunts on aerial acrobats and strappeds — two long cables hanging vertically from the tent. “The acts come from all over the world.”

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There is also a Dutch entry. Composer Bert Simhofer is the singing ringmaster in this show. Simhofer has performed in many major musical productions, but also in operas, films and series. “With his majestic stature, he fits well into our circus setting.”

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