Zack Snyder doesn’t know if ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ was a success

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Director Zack Snyder Since then Warner Bros. the film Justice League Zack Snyder On HBO Max, it’s no longer spoken. So the director does not know if his film novel will be a success.

Third-party data indicates that the version of Justice League Zack Snyder It wasn’t necessarily a huge hit for HBO Max. The fact that WarnerMedia has not released official numbers helped #RestoreTheSnyderVerseMovement is only to gain strength. And now it turns out that the director doesn’t have a good relationship with the studio anymore.

No phone call

Since the film’s release, there is no longer any talk between Snyder and the film studio.

“I didn’t hear any news from them at all. After I released the movie I didn’t get any more calls and there was complete silence on the radio,” Snyder revealed during an interview.

“The only contact from Warner Bros. was an article with CEO Anne Sarnoff that came out after the movie debuted. But that wasn’t directly for me, but for people. So I don’t know.” We’ll see what happened to Discovery. This is really cool. And who knows? What I do know is that since yesterday the Justice League is back in first place in the UK. “

It seems unlikely that Warner Bros. SnyderVerse is recovering, but it is clear that hope can always remain.

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