The strategy by which Cambridge wants to increase its popularity

The Royal Family 2.0: The Strategy By Which Cambridge Want To Increase Its Popularity

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The Royal Family 2.0: The Strategy By Which Cambridge Want To Increase Its Popularity

Prince William and Duchess Kate work hard to modernize the monarchy.

Moving with the times can be tricky when your head of state is 95 (and viewers of the the crown Know that since the 1950s, Queen Elizabeth has been criticized for being “too old”). So it’s up to Kate and Will to catch up.

New strategy

Gone are the days when celebrity status was reserved for movie stars and musicians. The greatest and most influential celebrities have gained their fame thanks to the Internet. Influencers, YouTubers, TikTokkers, You name it. Prince William and Duchess Kate seem to realize that their future could also depend on their popularity on the Internet.

This has become very evident in recent weeks. It all started with one Very nice movie Kate and William upload their beds in honor of their wedding anniversary to pewter. Shortly thereafter, they released their first YouTube video under the guise of “being late than never,” and promised to share more footage with the world from now on. The next step was to change their Instagram name. The somewhat obscure name “Kensington Royal” has been changed to the more famous “Duke and Duchess of Cambridge”. These are all indications that Cambridge members are now taking their online presence very seriously.

Royal influencers

So why pay a business visit to a handful of onlookers when the whole world can watch? While Their visit to Scotland Last week, William and Kate’s social media channels were constantly updated. Insta-Story here, automatic snapshot there: According to royalty expert Katie Nicole, it’s part of a grand plan to modernize the monarchy.

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“We’ve been planning a more royal family with a digital presence for some time,” says Katie. “At first the changes were relatively slow, but the epidemic really accelerated everything.”

According to the Kings expert, it is a necessary step for the monarchy to survive: “Communicating with a younger audience is the way to protect the family. If you can get the masses to support you, then The future of the monarchy Sure “.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were already hugely popular on social media before they left the royal family. So when the Sussex family left for the US, Kate was there like a chicken to get the brains behind their accounts, David Watkins. Last month, Cambridge students had a vacancy for a communications officer with social media experience. It is clear which path they want to take!

Growing in popularity

Although Kate & Will has nothing to complain about at the moment. In any case, they are already doing much better on the internet than the upcoming royal couple, Prince Charles And Camila. On Instagram, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have over 12.8 million followers. And that is while the crown prince follows “only” 1.4 million. According to Nick Rogers, an expert on the subject Impact on marketing, The royals have to show more of themselves if they really want to achieve something.

“The most successful people on social media are those who portray themselves with integrity and sincerity. The younger audience is very keen on authenticity, so William and Kate should not stray too far from their true identity.”

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At the same time, the royals remain the ones: They will not be quick to share their mysterious, low-key faults or slightly embarrassing selfies with their followers. Although we’d really only love it if one day it happened.

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