YouTuber Niels Oosthoek brings Dutch mischief to America

YouTuber Niels Oosthoek brings Dutch mischief to America

YouTuber Niels Oosthoek (32) – known for his former Gearik guest channel (440,000 followers) and participant of Expedition Robinson ’22 – announces today the launch of a new online channel abroad. With an English-language trailer on his Instagram, he announced that Greedy will be releasing videos in the US and elsewhere. They have a clear goal: to show not only the Netherlands, but the whole world in a fun way, how money can be saved during a financial crisis. Since 2015, Oosthoek has been able to entertain hundreds of thousands of Dutch youth every week with the feedback of former Gierig guests. Videos will be broadcast on new videos starting Monday, October 24 Network light-, Instagram-, TikTok– and Facebook Channels by Greedy Guys.

In 2019 Oosthoek – along with partners Martijn Manschot (33) and Joost Kraima (32) – sold the Gierig Guests Youtube channel to Talpa, who said goodbye earlier this year after seven years. Oosthoek recorded videos with new team member Boris Lange (33) in Miami and New York last summer. Here they attended an exclusive pool party, Beckham’s football club Inter Miami and a concert by rapper Kendrick Lamar for free. Former member Martijn Manschot will join the team once he has fully recovered from his injury.

However, the idea for an international adventure was born already in 2016. “Back then, we subtitled one of our videos in English and sent it to The Lad Bible, a site with over 50 million followers, just for fun. The video went viral overnight, generating over 40 million views worldwide within 24 hours. The platform’s editors liked our content so much that we captioned two more videos. Within a month we had almost 1 billion views,” says Niels Oosthoek. The boys did not benefit financially from this, because at that time money was not immediately earned from views on Facebook. “We were indexed by many foreign sites, but our YouTube channel was completely in Dutch, so (outside the Netherlands understood) no one understands. We quickly stopped distributing our content internationally to avoid copying from overseas. Since then, we’ve always had a secret dream to create content for a global audience, and now we’re going to make that dream come true.”

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Starting Monday, October 24, content will be available on the following Greedy Guys channels:

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