Mercedes brings latest updates in US: ‘Hopefully we can beat Red Bull for once’

Mercedes brings latest updates in US: ‘Hopefully we can beat Red Bull for once’

Hoping to win another race, Mercedes will bring some more updates ahead of the US Grand Prix. Trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin has indicated that the team is looking to win one more race this season.

With four races remaining, Mercedes is bringing in a few more updates, hoping to push the finale towards the top of the field. The W13 proved no match for rivals Red Bull and Ferrari at the start of the season, but now continues to find itself in the battle for prizes. The latest updates for the season will not only help the German team win, but also help build the car for next year. “This is the last step in aerodynamics for us this season. Hopefully we can get a little more out of our car this way,” Shovlin said. Mercedes social media channels.

“Everything we do this year, we take with us to next year. In addition to our aerodynamic updates, we’ve also shed some weight, bringing us closer to light weight. However, the engineer does not dare to make predictions for the US GP. “It’s almost impossible to predict how we’ll perform at raw speeds.” The German racing station’s performance has been quite fluctuating in recent races. Shovlin expects the US circuit will not be ideal for the W13. “The track was not our favorite last year. It’s a very bumpy track and the tires heat up quickly.

This year could be completely different

Still, past performances are no guarantee of the future, as the Mercedes CEO knows. “They have renewed the asphalt here, which will reduce the bumps. It is difficult to predict how you will perform on a certain track this season, because the cars are completely different from previous years. As mentioned, Mercedes has only four chances to get the expected victory. The circuit of America does not seem ideal for the W13 in advance, but in practice Shows the true balance of power.

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