Youtuber Acid accepts punishment for a video about fatal hazing

Youtuber Acid accepts punishment for a video about fatal hazing

Nathan Vanderjohnst, as he is actually called, denounced in an online video last year the lenient sentences for participants in the botched hazing operation in 2018. Twenty-year-old engineering student Sanda Diya succumbed to poisoning and hypothermia after thirty hours of humiliation and hardship. In Vorselaar near Antwerp.

The perpetrators, all from wealthy circles, received community service and fines and therefore had no criminal record. Acid, who named the students in the video, believes they should not get away with it.

Earlier this month, Sanda Dia's father told his story to Humberto Tan. You can watch that conversation here.

The aforementioned students objected. One of the students was not present at the interview, but he became the target of public anger after the video. Just like his parents' star restaurant. He went to court, which sentenced Asid to a suspended prison sentence last month. The vlogger must also pay a fine and compensation of 20 thousand euros.

He quickly raised this amount through crowdfunding, and the amount rose to more than 100 thousand euros. Acid promises to give what's left to Sanda Diya's father.

Eat mice

Sanda had to drink a liter of gin during his initiation. As he lay in the corner drunk, the Reuzegommers urinated on him. A day later, the boy was taken to a wooden hut, where he had to spend hours in a hole he had dug himself. It was also filled with ice water. He also had to eat mice and goldfish.

This is how YouTube user Acid responded to the Belgian media after hearing of his conviction:

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