The last Greek king, Constantine II, died (82)

The last Greek king, Constantine II, died (82)


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The last king of Greece, Constantine II, died at the age of 82. This was announced on Greek television.

Greece became a republic in 1974. Constantine II came to the throne in 1964 and his reign was relatively short: he was exiled in 1967 after a coup by conservative army officers. The counter-coup was unsuccessful. Officially he was king until 1973, but the royal family was no longer allowed to set foot on Greek soil.

Constantine II spent a great deal of time in Italy and England. He had good relations with the British royal family and was the godfather of Crown Prince William. Constantine II was also the godfather of the Dutch Prince Constantine.

The former king has spent the last few years in Greece again. “I don’t care if you are the head of state, the king of the country or just a simple citizen,” he said before returning permanently. “Being with the Greek people and being in my country means more than anything else.”

Health problems

Constantine II had been suffering from serious health problems for some time and had recently been admitted to a hospital in Athens with respiratory problems. Greek media reported that his wife, Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark, and five children were always with him.

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