Biden was surprised by secret documents he found

Biden was surprised by secret documents he found

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US President Biden was surprised to discover classified documents in his former office in Washington. He said this during a press conference in Mexico City. He responded to questions from reporters during an official visit: “I have been informed of the discovery and I am amazed that government documents were brought to that office.”

While cleaning out Biden’s old office at the Ben Biden Center in Washington, attorneys found about a dozen documents containing classified or confidential information. The president assured the press that he did not know what to say. His lawyers were advising him not to ask about that either.

Republicans respond indignant regarding the incident and comparing the case to that of Trump. The difference between the two cases is the number of documents and their contents. In the case of Biden, this concerns 10 classified documents, the contents of which are unknown. It is certain, however, that it is not related to data on nuclear weapons.

that was So is it With former President Trump. He had hundreds of documents that had not been transferred to the archives, including documents about nuclear weapons from other countries. They were found during a raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

The documents were recovered from Biden’s desk before the November midterm elections. The US Department of Justice is investigating.

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