Young people get all the attention, but now sport is important for the elderly

Young people get all the attention, but now sport is important for the elderly

The National Fund for the Aging believes that municipalities forget the elderly in their sports policy. Local authorities could do more to boost sports participation for those over the age of 55. This is why the fund will be sending so-called OldStars to councilors across the country in the coming weeks. Ambassadors such as Jacques Swart, Petin Frisickop, Tom Auker and Floris Jean Boufelander will also make recommendations. now yes. In the middle of the time of the corona.

Supporters of the Seniors Fund, according to a new study by the Muller Institute, are in trouble. Elderly people are advised to exercise extra caution in these times of pandemic, while at the same time underlining how important adequate resistance exercise is. Many elderly Dutch are struggling to find a suitable compromise, says Johan Anima, head of the project team at the Aged Fund.

“We all have to look for alternatives now as the Corona measures limit sports opportunities. But for the elderly, this has become more difficult than we think. Digital display, like YouTube videos, is complicated for the older generation. In sports federations protocols.” , Even elderly people over the age of 70 are not classified as a specific target group. They are seen as normal adults. We think this is very easy. They are a vulnerable target group and require specific guidance. That is why we call on municipalities to break with these protocols and establish separate policies. ”

Social isolation

About fifty OldStars will ask their local advisor to empower the sport at all levels. Think about us too, it’s the message, think of us. “We believe that it is time for municipalities to start realizing the value of sports participation for the elderly and focus on it so that the elderly can also reopen the stadiums and sports halls.”

Anton Potter (63) from Oethorn got the scoop on Thursday. He was the first ancient star to meet his advisor. “I miss him Football walks Leaked out. Forget everything for a moment and just watch the ball. Tasty. We will no longer be world champions. It’s nice if you are all on the move. The third half is also important. I have met a lot of new people. ”

Thankfully, he also loves to ride bikes. In October he founded OldStars Cycling. He hopes his municipality will give more publicity to sports opportunities for the elderly. “It can really get people out of social isolation.”

Mulier’s research shows that 40 percent of OldStars, as participants in the elderly fund athletic projects are called, did not find alternative forms of exercise at the time of Corona. Anima describes the reported unit as an amazing result. “Most of the old stars do not fit the image of the people behind the geraniums. Yet they point out that it is an issue. I think we are still underestimating the problem of loneliness among the elderly.”

Doing something together can create a sense of belonging. Municipalities can search for creative solutions now that organized sport has stopped. Anima: “In Laiddorp, the municipality continued our initiative in March to practice balcony movements, while a workout visit was organized in Woerden. These are good examples of energizing the elderly. Unfortunately, these are the exceptions.”

More fun than bingo game

Alderman Gerpen van Doyen has said for years that sport is more than just a game. “Sport and prevention are very close to each other. Exercise is all about health. Now we can see that too.”

He has been running the sports and exercise portfolio for eighteen years, now in Nieuwkoop, formerly in Noordwijk and as a spokesperson for the Dutch Federation of Municipalities. “Municipalities can act as mediators to ensure that sports clubs are open to new target groups such as the elderly. This is also a great environment for the elderly. Young people come, and there is a lot of turmoil.” This is more fun than the neighborhood building where I play bingo, I have heard many times. The sports environment provides energy. ”

“For a long time, many municipalities have viewed sport as a subsidized hobby. Research recently showed that every euro you invest in training generates 1.25 euros for the community. Fortunately, the position of many council members is changing, but we are far from finished. There is an urgent need for the Seniors Fund to work.”

“ Table tennis is ideally suited for the elderly. ”

Peten Friskop, Former Table Tennis Player and OldStars Ambassador

“I see what a lot of sports have done for me. I’m almost sixty years old, but I’m still fit. As you get older, you have to work harder to maintain your level. Many older people stop exercising. Old age naturally performs.” This can lead to a loss of muscle strength and fitness, but you can partially compensate for it with movement.

“I want to get old as much as possible, so as not to be dependent on others nor overburden the healthcare system. This is what I am in. This is something I want to pass on. In China they understand that better. Parks there are playgrounds for the elderly. The elderly Chinese keep moving too. Because they don’t have a caring safety net.

“I received an honorary medal from the city of Amsterdam, but I have never called for help with anything. I think this is a shame. The municipality does little or nothing to do with the former athletes. I understand there are stone table tennis tables in the shed. Put it outside and I will come with pleasure.” And I know. My sport is ideally suited for seniors. You don’t have to run which is good for balance and response and hence for the brain as well. Very few initiatives are being developed. Municipalities, put all these protocols aside and dare to take action! ”

“Older adults only need a small nudge to start exercising again.”

Flores Jean Buflander, Former International Hockey Player and OldStars Ambassador:

“Sport is important to society because it ensures social cohesion. Belonging to something is also important for the elderly. Doing something together gives satisfaction. This is why it is important for the participation threshold to be as low as possible.

“Municipalities can do more in this area. There has been a lot of focus on children. The elderly should be kept away from Corona and prefer to lock themselves up. But we must not forget that the elderly also need to keep fit. If training is allowed again, go Arrange transportation if this is a problem.Be the costs for people who fear that they will not be able to pay for sports from their state pension.

“Of course the municipality cannot compel the elderly to exercise. Ultimately, you will be motivated more effectively by acquaintances. You also have influencers among those over the age of 70. The municipality must determine this and help. Make forms of walking sport affordable. Older adults and fun also because of the game element. It might not get someone off the bench who has never played sports, but it will take people who have retired from usual competitive sports because of their age. This is a very large group that only needs a relatively small push to start over. I believe in this approach. ”

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