You will – unfortunately – never forget the sound of Herman van Veen’s ejaculation

You will – unfortunately – never forget the sound of Herman van Veen’s ejaculation

There’s a guitar on stage, new for Martijn Koning fans. He started playing guitar in January and isn’t very good at it yet, but he still wants to perform on guitar, he says. The mere fact that the thing exists “gives performance a greater level of performance.”

King’s first subject, a cat in heat, according to the Internet, can be enjoyed with a cotton swab, not too strong. Only because Yentl and de Boer had just finished a tour with exactly the same theme, but developed even more disgusting (and in this case better).

Koning is most entertaining with his simple, naive jokes, into which he often interjects in passing. “This is a C chord,” he says. “Chord in English. Bale in Turkish. This is the C ball.” “Oh, and these things are all called unique.”

Deaf offended

But everything remains a bit simple. While sometimes the passages leading to the ground open. Like the idea that the singer-songwriter is the comedian’s archenemy: the comedian makes the girls laugh over the campfire, but the singer-songwriter gets the applause and wins the girls over. Nice hypothesis. But Koning does not analyze. He just watches and carries on.

Zwalz Micah Wertheim in just for fun Koning returned to his previous insults to people with disabilities, and now dedicates a large portion of his performances to the deaf community, which he had previously been hostile to To imitate deaf people on televisionHe says he is now deeply hated. In his endearing way, he managed to convince that the insult was not really his intention; Not by apologizing, but by elevating the insult to the point of foolishness and thus making it harmless. “Speak ill of the deaf, but under your breath,” he sings, his lips as stiff as possible (so that it is impossible to read lips).

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“Where are my socks?”

Koning meticulously saves the highlights for last: a solid imitation of Martin van Rossem. Koning notices again. Now how come Van Rossem always does the same “snap” head movement as he does on the TV show The smartest person what is the Question. You think: Heck, actually, why would that be? But here too it remains a tradition.

He does the latter very crudely – in a hypothetical situation like King Similar to Tim Fransen It stretches to the point of absurdity – really imagine Van Rossem crawling through the dark dressing room on his hands and knees searching for his sock because of his “cold big toe”, while repeating the line “Where’s my sock, where is it? My sock?” It painfully alternates with words like “definitely” and “relatively.” Naturally, everything culminates in a long fellatio scene with Herman van Veen, who can also imitate Koning very well, making you hear van Veen’s voice reaching his climax (“Flip flap flop!Unfortunately we will never forget.

Why performance? Exaggerate It is called, it is still not clear. You expect chaos and excess, but this is not the case. Koning takes his time with each subject in a calm, clearly structured performance, certainly not crowded.

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