You want this attractive addition to your smart home from IKEA

You want this attractive addition to your smart home from IKEA

IKEA comes with a smart wall light for your smart home. The new LED panel produces a maximum of 1150 lumens and can switch between different colors.

the new IKEA Jetstrom The LED panel can switch between white and colored lighting. The color temperature can be adjusted between 4000K cool white and candlelight (1780K). Different colors can also be set, including light purple and light blue. The wall lamp lasts about 25,000 hours.

Also a smart ceiling lamp

Like other IKEA smart home devices, including the recently released smart ceiling lamp, JETSTRÖM can be controlled through the IKEA Home Smart app on your iPhone or Android phone. The lamp can also be connected to a Dirigera hub, but the lamp can also be controlled and dimmed using the STYRBAR remote control for ten euros. The JETSTRÖM wall lamp costs €39.99 in the Netherlands.

More new IKEA gadgets

It looks like IKEA is embarking on a major smart home offensive this spring. The Swedish retail chain recently introduced more gadgets, including an improved TRETAKT smart plug, a new smart bulb with bright lighting and new inexpensive USB-C chargers.

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