Yolanthe Cabau was invited to lunch by Dwayne Johnson

Yolanthe Cabau was invited to lunch by Dwayne Johnson

During the shooting of the film Pain & Gain In 2018, she is seen as Mark Wahlberg’s girlfriend and rightly so The Rock Approach her. “At lunchtime, Dwayne Johnson knocked on the door to ask if I was going to dinner,” Yolande wrote in her essay.

Yolanthe was impressed by the “mega production” of the film. “The shooting took place in Miami and Los Angeles. At both locations I was picked up from the airport by a chauffeur and taken to a luxury hotel. A trailer was ready on set with all the trimmings.” She’s Assigned a Good Place: The trailer is parked between Mark and Dwayne.

Apart from America, the actress has worked in many places around the world for her work. For example, he irons a seven-part film Police Academy Down in Turkey. Even there, says Yolande, the actors are ‘rotten to the bone’. “When I opened my trailer door, there were eight people standing there: ‘What can I do for you?’

Nevertheless, Yolande never seems to have forgotten Dutch modesty: “On the first day of filming I walked into the set and introduced myself to the whole crew, but it soon became clear to me that the actors didn’t make it. Still, I completed the round. After all, we’re all here to make something beautiful out of it. ” Her approach to the production was also appreciated, the actress writes: “I think it was much appreciated by the sound, camera and lighting people. So I keep it well, that Dutch composure!”

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