Solar Magazine – Homemiles presents new micro inverters for solar panels

Solar Magazine – Homemiles presents new micro inverters for solar panels

Hoymiles says the new microinverters lower initial costs for solar panel owners without compromising overall efficiency.

Up to 670 watts peak
The new HMS-C series microinverters are available in Europe, North America and Oceania. HMS-D series microinverters are available in Latin America and Asia Pacific. The C and D series all come with 1,600 volt amp, 1,800 volt amp and 2,000 volt amp output options.

The HMS-1600C/D-4T can be used with solar panels of 320 to 540 watt peak capacity. The HMS-1800C/D-4T is suitable for 360 to 600 watt solar panels and the HMS-2000C/D-4T for 400 to 670 watt solar panels.

Maximum 4 solar panels
Micro inverters have 4 input channels which means 1 micro inverter can be connected to 4 solar panels simultaneously. So Homiles talks about the 4-in-1 microinverter. Maximum power point tracker (mppt) efficiency is 99.8 percent.

An IP rating of IP67 means the microinverters are dust and watertight, which Hoymiles says also ensures the safety and longevity of the microinverters.

C and D series
What differentiates the new C and D series from the previous HMS microinverter series is that they have 2 mppts instead of 4, meaning 2 solar panels share 1 mppt. The manufacturer claims to have found an optimal balance between efficient performance and affordability.

Both series offer so-called sub-1Ghz wireless connectivity, which ensures high reliability and enables communication over long distances. Homiles Gateway DTU. So the micro inverters are connected to the Homiles monitoring platform S-Miles Cloud, users can access data on energy production and utilization of the PV system. Users can also choose to receive proactive alerts if the solar panel installation needs attention.

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Check out Homemiles’ new HMS microinverter series here at Solar Magazine Product Finder.

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