World's Van Klingon throws in anonymity: 'I don't want to attract attention'

World’s Van Klingon throws in anonymity: ‘I don’t want to attract attention’

Discus thrower Jorinde von Klingon had an unrealistic week in Ducen, USA. In seven days he improved his personal record to no less than three times, more than that he dropped his best world year performance on Saturday with a thrilling 70.22m. “When I saw that distance on board, I started to cry.”

The moment the disk left her hand, she did not immediately realize that it was flying over 70 meters. “I never thought until Discus landed: Wow, is this true?”

His former coach Gert Tomcott was watching from the Netherlands at the time. “I was at midnight Live-ticker Open and the distance on board will appear. Such a distance is really very special, very special. It was almost never thrown. “

The realization that he was now at the top of the 2021 world rankings did not come until the morning after his explosion of power. “I was already in a good race on Thursday,” the athlete says. “Then I actually saw the world rankings for the first time. Really unimaginable.”

News from all sides

Until a week ago, Van Klingon was still an unknown name in athletics, but after his world performance on Saturday, he was fully focused. “In the United States it’s not so bad, because in the same athletics a shot putter threw over 23 meters (Ryan Cruiser was the third man to reach it, ed.), But I have received news from all sides of the Netherlands.”

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