What kind of question is this now? First to South America

Very exciting. During Friday’s geography final exam, pre-university students were asked questions about South America for the first time.

In 2014, a special committee of the Board for Tests and Examinations decided to revise the examination schedule for this course. Where previously the ‘developing region’ was the center of Southeast Asia, it is now South America. An area not yet underestimated in geography. According to HAVO, the ‘developing country’ Indonesia has already moved to Brazil in 2019. A new country and region should have a refreshing effect on education.

Give two reasons why the Andes Mountains provide more sediment in the Amazon Basin than the mountains of Brazil and Guyana.

What did pre-university students ask about South America? The task of ‘geographical picture of South America’ is mainly about income inequality on this continent. The second problem of the region dealt with the geography of physics. To this end, students were given a drawing section for the first time in addition to the original book as an alternative to the atlas.

For example, candidates had to explain why the Andes Mountains give more sediment to the Amazon Basin, using photos of the Roeryama Table Mountain in the mountains of Guyana, the Cordilleras de los Andes in Peru, and Rio Franco in the Amazon Basin. Brazil and Guyana. Answer: High altitude difference, high tributaries, younger mountain range. Whether difficult or not, it took some getting used to in the drawing section.

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