Women ask Waves to come to US with abortion boat: 'There's a lot of panic, a lot of frustration'

Women ask Waves to come to US with abortion boat: ‘There’s a lot of panic, a lot of frustration’

The abortion-rights organization Women on Waves was quick to note that the Supreme Court decision was causing panic and frustration in the United States. In addition to the many requests for help, the famous abortion boat has also been heard frequently, but it is yet to set sail.

“Abortion is now illegal. Clinics are closed and women are sent home.” Things have moved quickly since the Supreme Court ruled last Friday to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that included the right to abortion nationwide. Nine conservative states immediately banned abortion.

‘The Great Panic’

Recently the number of requests for help has been increasing rapidly. Since the US Supreme Court ruling, many American women have found the abortion rights organization Women on Waves. “There’s a lot of panic and a lot of frustration,” says director Rebecca Gomberts.

Applications have already been received from the United States for the famous abortion ship Women in Waves to sail to the United States. Abortions may be performed on that vessel outside territorial waters and thus beyond the reach of local authorities.


Abortion pills

However, according to Gomberts, such a trip is not yet on the agenda. What she is currently doing is distributing abortion pills. “There’s a huge demand for it now,” he says.

Although these pills are often prescribed only when used under a doctor’s supervision, Gomberts says there’s no need to worry. “Abortion pills are now available that can be used safely at home. This is supported by international pharmaceutical agencies such as WHO and FDA.”

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‘serious concerns’

Abortion Pills Long Term Strategy Gomberts says, “The judges who wrote this ruling will be around for another 30 years. So this problem is going to be around for a while. We’re trying to help women in the short term if they need to travel. Or need medication.”

Gomberts worries about the influence of the US anti-abortion lobby in Europe. “Billions have been invested in the anti-abortion lobby in recent years. That money is now available and being put into other anti-abortion lobbies. We’re already seeing it have an impact in Eastern Europe and Africa. . . I’m seriously concerned about that.”

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