Winner of the Orange Women's Under-20 Tournament USA - The Most Equal Against Hockland Football

Winner of the Orange Women’s Under-20 Tournament USA – The Most Equal Against Hockland Football

The Dutch national team for the Under-20s drew 2-2 with the United States in the final match of the Sud Ladies Cup. A great result against the best country can end itself as the winner of the tournament by one point.

The women, under the age of 20, settled in Hobagne, southern France, for the prestigious Sud Ladies Cup match. It’s very hot, especially during the afternoon game, but it’s very good because it allows players to get used to the conditions in Costa Rica, where they will travel in one more month to participate in the World Cup.


We have a great pot on the mound against the United States, “said coach Rousseau. Our orange“We kept the best until the last. We only fought for the first ten minutes. They get the score too. Slightly awkward goal after a corner not cleared properly.


So it went 2-2, and that point was enough for the United States to win the Sud Ladies Cup. But if there is a draw, penalty kicks are also taken in this match for an extra bonus point. In the context of preparation for the finals, this is definitely a welcome training for players because you still feel the pressure of competition. Both teams were clear on the first run of three penalties. In the end, the United States took it back and forth 5-4 in the long run.

Liz Ridgesbergen

Five minutes later the United States scored, 1-0 by Michael Cooper. Seven minutes later, Danik Nordman equalized 1-1. The Under-20 Orange team, which played for more than half an hour, took the lead through a goal by Shiva Henry. After the break, Jadein Shaw equalized 2-2 for the United States. ADO Ten Hawk Player Liz Rijzbergen (photo) Zera Hulswit was replaced in the seventieth minute. Louis van Oyster of Hawke’s Club did not play this game.

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Training Internship

The Under-20s will meet again in two or three more days for selection training and a friendly match against Germany. The Netherlands leaves for Costa Rica on August 1. The first match of the World Cup against Japan is scheduled for August 11.

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