Windows 11 is getting a major update with useful features: That's changing

Windows 11 is getting a major update with useful features: That's changing

With the new major update to Windows, Microsoft is adding many useful features, making your PC smarter again. We're listing the changes you'll notice the most.

For starters, it's clear that Microsoft can't stop improving its AI assistant. with this new update Copilot can also do new things on your computer, though they're not necessarily tasks that require generative AI. However, it's nice that you can now also ask Assistant to adjust settings on your laptop, such as turning on the battery saver or emptying the trash.

Photo editing just got smarter

Amateur photographers will also enjoy this update, as it brings an AI feature to Windows that has been available on some phones for some time. The new feature, similar to Google's Magic Eraser, allows you to easily select and remove objects from an image.

And for anyone who creates a video with awkward moments of silence: you can now remove it with AI in Microsoft's Clipchamp video editing software.

Widgets from Google

Due to the EU's new Digital Markets Act (DMA), Microsoft, like other tech companies, must make adjustments to the software. For example, the company must also allow widgets from Google, for example, in the Widgets screen. Later, Windows will also make it possible to choose your search engine in the Windows Search function.

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Share files between Windows and Android

There are more features coming with this update, like writing with a digital pen on a text box in Windows and faster file sharing between Windows and Android. Now you can also use your Android smartphone as a webcam for your computer.

You'll automatically receive most of these new features with the new update in March. If you don't want to wait that long, you can download the update now by adjusting your computer settings so you receive the latest updates right away.

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