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What kind of comment is this? If you have MSYS2 installed or (if you like, Cygwin) you only have Bash on Windows. The difference is: Bash (or something similar) is the default in every operating system except Windows. If you know Bash, on most operating systems, you can start on the command line without having to install anything else…except Windows.

The difference is:
Install Bash on Windows.
– Or install Powershell on all other operating systems.

Let’s not even talk about the absolute verbosity of PowerShell (and C#, for that matter). I can understand why many people want to get rid of 80 or 100 characters per line. With PowerShell or C#, your program or script can be easily 150+ characters wide.

Can I program in C#? Yes; Responsible.
Can I use PowerShell? Yes; Responsible.
Am I happy to do that? new; Neither. It’s not for nothing that I’ve installed Cygwin, MinGW, or (at present) MSYS2 for nearly 20 years.

If MS wants to have a decent command line _not_ Bash/Unix, they should keep OS/2 from the 90s. REXX was a great script/shell language. Anyone who can read English and has a basic knowledge of Pascal can write texts in it. (Admittedly, the Bash scripting language isn’t terribly easy to use.)

Sometimes I wonder why Microsoft always has to do everything differently than the whole world. Almost every computer(ish) in the world runs Linux, Unix or any Unix-like operating system, except desktop and laptop computers.

And yes, I’m glad I finally got rid of the last bit of Windows dependency in 2021 and can now run all my personal stuff on Linux full time. I only installed Windows because I already have it, and in case I _really_ can’t live without it. (The only use case left is a device firmware upgrade, which can often only be done with a Windows exe.)

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