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Google will gradually roll out an update to its Meet video meeting app starting Monday. After the update, the first participant will be automatically removed from the Meet after seven minutes, if the app considers them to be ‘Not present’.

If the user is the first participant in the meeting and no one shows up after five minutes, Meet will send them a message asking if they want to wait for other participants or if they want to close. If the user does not reply within 2 minutes, they will be automatically removed from the meeting, Google writes in a message

In addition, the last participant present is asked if they want to close the meeting, when all other participants have left the digital room.

Other services have a similar function. Zoom also has a time limit for inactive meetings, but it lasts a maximum of 40 minutes. In Discord, server administrators can create an AFK audio channel, which ends up being used by users who have been absent for an extended period of time.

Furthermore, Google is adding a new dashboard for the meeting organizer and co-organizer. Now the buttons for the regulator and co-organizer are still separate from each other, but will be merged after the update under “Host Controllers”. The updated Control Panel will only be available in the desktop version.

The update will be available on April 11 for desktop and iOS. It is not yet known when it will be available for Android devices. Google expects the phased rollout to take about 15 days.

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