Apple releases iOS 14.7 with MagSafe power bank support – tablets and phones – news

Apple added support for MagSafe power bank to iPhone 12 models with the release of iOS 14.7. Magnetic power bank will be delivered from this week. The update also brings air quality information to the Weather and Maps apps.

he met Get the whole update iPhone 12 models support the MagSafe battery pack. Apple announced this magnetic power bank advance this month. The power bank works with the MagSafe system on the back of smartphones. MagSafe wirelessly charges iPhones at 5W. To charge the power bank itself, a Lightning cable is required, which is not included.

Apple doesn’t provide many details about the power bank, for example it is not clear how much additional battery life the power bank should provide. The power bank costs 109 euros. we will Apple says That the MagSafe battery can charge a smartphone while charging the power bank itself. Then the MagSafe device charges the smartphone at 15W, provided that the power bank itself is charged at least 20W. According to MacRumors, It is an 11.13Wh battery.

In addition to MagSafe power bank support, iOS 14.7 also provides air quality information to weather and map apps in select countries, including the Netherlands. There will also be improvements for Apple Card and HomePod users who can manage timers via the Home app. Furthermore, within the podcast library, users can choose whether they want to watch only the followed podcast, or all podcasts.

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