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Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve heard that name, remembered it from XP even earlier when I wanted seconds in an hour.
Reminds me of when I also used things like QTTabbar, Rocketdock, and several Uxstyle themes from Deviantart, Aquasnap, and (Bootskin, CursorFX, Iconpackager, WindowFX) from Stardock.

Then also with Rainmeter he imitated that light blue background of the selected icons in Windows 7.

I also remember the great Firefox add-on that gave you a 3D visualization of the DOM (Document Object Model). It was called Tilt. Firefox 47 also had a 3D viewer for Inspect Element after that.

Oh yeah, the old thing too, but still working, is a program that gives you a 3D desktop, called BumpTop.

…well going back to the topic I don’t know what to think about how the start menu button is in the middle and if it wants to open I know I can just throw my mouse in the left corner and that all the items are arranged from one corner or another and now I have to aim in the middle somewhere and that takes a bit longer and thought power, you go a little faster sometimes…
And what if more windows are opened, does the start menu button move to the right or something to make room? It seems annoying when that happens.

Also they don’t really like that they keep the clock and other stuff on the right side, it all looks like some bug messed up the taskbar.

Get the idea as if it’s intended for use with a touch screen, this might be better out there, but a desktop with a nice screen often has a lot of space.

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Yes, in the screenshot I see the script for KMS_VL_ALL, great tool, I saw it growing in the forum, then used Daz loader to activate Windows 7, then with UEFI more Microsoft ToolKit, I just found this tool annoying because it was so big and had a long boot, it was It also moved quickly by AVs.
Especially with Windows 10 LTSB I find this useful.

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