Why does T. rex have short arms?

Why does T. rex have short arms?

Billy, 6, eats a peanut butter sandwich while holding his elbows by his sides. He concludes that this is not going well. Why does a file T-Rex How about those short arms? This is not helpful at all, is it? Billy participates in the first episode of meerkats animalsscience podcast For children from 6 to 12 years old. Kids ask questions, and podcast maker and former scientist Wendy Boss searches for answers.

Why questions are the hardest questions in science. They are thus the best, according to paleontologist Anne Schulp of Naturalis. Information about scientific questions is presented here in a playful way. The answer to Bailey’s question lies in evolution. Over time, chief Tyrannosaurus Rex Getting older, with more powerful jaw muscles, paleontologists infer this from the fossils. He appears to have used his head more than his arms. And to maintain balance, not tip over, the arms are getting smaller

This is not all of the questions that can be answered clearly and clearly when it comes to the crest in the neck of Triceratops. Many people thought it was some kind of armor to protect him from the T-Rex. Schulp thinks that’s not true, and a T-Rex will bite him. Thought it stands out. But he certainly won’t. Meanwhile, Bill does a dinosaur fight. T. Rex wins.

In Episode 2, David wonders how ancient dinosaurs could have arrived. And how do you actually find that? Well, Anne Schulp knows, putting a very thin slice of a dinobot under a microscope. Then you can count the annual rings, as in a tree. They know that the T. rex in the Chicago Museum was 30 years old.

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It’s not just the answers that matter in this podcast, it’s also about showing how you get that knowledge, and how you study science. If you can’t ask a dinosaur, how can you find an answer?

Three episodes of the first four-episode dinosaur series are now available online. Episode four comes next week, and then it’s time to wait for a new series. Unfortunately.

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