Who’s looking after Dorset Farm when Raven’s gone and the celebrities and the cameras?  |  Displays

Who’s looking after Dorset Farm when Raven’s gone and the celebrities and the cameras? | Displays

They wear green overalls and shoes and stand with garden tools in their hands. TV Show Celebrities Dorset farm Not only do you need to go through an interview, but you also need to work. Building sheds, caring for animals, planting plants, or chopping vegetables. But what happens to the farm, the goats, and the vegetable garden when the cameras are gone? When the celebrities leave and Raven van Dorst has to go for another TV job or music performance?

Dorset farm Season 4 started last week. The celebrity opener was awarded to Theo Maassen and Arnon Grunberg. The comedian and writer made a grateful duo that appealed to audiences with good stories as well as jokes and verbal side ideas. Meanwhile, they’ve removed old cabbage, sprouts, and sunflowers in the greenhouse and garden (Van Dorst: “Nooooo, isn’t there beauty in that too?”), brought in things to feed the ducks, and driven poles into the ground fence.

The farm on the outskirts of Apeldoorn has been threatened with survival for a while, but can survive for the time being thanks to the programme. According to BNNVara, viewers don’t have to worry about what will happen to the farm when the cameras, celebrities, and Raven van Dorst are gone. “When Raven is not at the farm, there is a babysitter for the house. The country is being monitored by people from a nearby foster farm,” a spokesperson for the broadcaster said.

Arnon Grunberg and Theo Maassen at the table with Raven van Dorst at the Van Dorst farm. © Still BNNVara

Fans of the program can still look forward to the arrival of Rosario Mussendijk aka sor, S10, Janny van der Heijden, Bram Krikke, Geraldine Kemper and Hanna van Vliet on the coming Wednesday evenings.

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