Tokyo 2020 |  Dutch show jumpers only lose medals

Tokyo 2020 | Dutch show jumpers only lose medals

The Netherlands narrowly qualified for the final on Friday. In the qualifiers, the trio of Gref, Hotssager and Van der Vleuten scored 26 penalty points, and thus finished ninth. Griff was the weak link with 13 penalty points.

So Earns chose Smolders with Saturday’s Bingo du Parc instead. They immediately repaid the confidence of the national coach. They removed the path in the second line. They also stayed within the 0.02 second time limit.


Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 | Qualification of the jumping knights team competition summary

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Unfortunately, the Netherlands had already been pushed back by Houtzager and Dante. At the end of the round, they dropped two bars and passed the time limit. As a result, they scored nine penalty points.

Before the last line, the Dutch team had little chance of winning a medal. However, Van der Vleuten and Beauville Z could not make a difference. With two errors on the crossbar, they scored eight penalties. This resulted in a total of seventeen; Good for fourth place.

Tokyo 2020 | Eight penalty points for show jumper Michael van der Vleuten

gold for sweden

It seems that the gold went to France. Pénélope Leprevost was last among the shots, but her horse Vancouver de Lanlor refused and was forced to give up the fight. As a result, the team fell to eighth place.

So Sweden and the United States, both eight penalty points, were allowed to come back for the jump. The level here was especially high. Both countries kept clear, so I arrived on time.

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Ward McLain set the bar particularly high on behalf of the United States with 39.92 seconds. So Peder Fredrickson and his horse Olen needed a time of 40.31 seconds to win the gold medal. They succeeded in their goal. With a time of 39.01 seconds, he won the gold medal for Sweden. The bronze medal came to Belgium, behind the United States.

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Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 | Bronze for Michael van der Vleuten in the individual jump

04/08/2021 OM 12:27

Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 | Bronze for Michael van der Vleuten in the individual jump

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