WhatsApp Test Transfer chat history to a new number

WhatsApp Test Transfer chat history to a new number

New features in a beta version of WhatsApp, reports WABetaINfo. This site is picking out such beta versions of WhatsApp in search of new features. Earlier, the site had already encountered the upcoming potential for chat history To find a side From Android to iPhone or vice versa.

Even now, this WhatsApp chat log is still impossible to take with you. Anyone switching from iPhone to Android now has to leave all chats, photos, and videos in WhatsApp.

It is actually possible to switch to a new phone number while keeping the chat history, but that includes Number of steps. Moreover, switching from number is only possible as long as there is no switching from Android to iPhone or vice versa.

Simplify the steps

WhatsApp will simplify such a switch in a future update. There will then be one menu option to switch to a new phone. This option explicitly asks if the phone number has also been swapped. WhatsApp says the step was introduced once: Transferring chat history is only possible when switching phones and not after.

It is not yet known when the new functionality will be available to all users. This is likely related to chat log encryption, which is also a step that WhatsApp is still working on.

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