What would you like to read about the impact of artificial intelligence?

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Our in-house experts explore this topic for you this week, but we’re also interested to hear what else you might like to know. For example, would you rather read about companies that can make money from this and how, or would you like to know what it can do for you personally? Or are you particularly interested in documents in which we interpret developments ethically? Do you already know a lot about artificial intelligence and would like to inform us or tell us the explanation that you are still missing?

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Think often?

We often make surveys like the ones above. Six thousand subscribers receive a news e-mail survey every two weeks; They are part of Open Redactie, the panel of readers for De Volkskrant.

At the editorial office, we believe we improve our reporting if we respond to the needs, concerns, and concerns of the community. Our readers can be our eyes and ears in the country, expanding or modifying our view. For example, because you live in a place where we are not on a daily basis, or because you work somewhere that gives you knowledge that we might lack.

Have you ever lost a certain point of view? Have you ever thought: I could use some explanation here? Have you ever heard something in your environment that you think you should write about? Register below, or read more information here.

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