What stories of bet casino fans formed the basis of famous films?

That beautiful and luxurious life that comes to the lucky ones who managed to hit the jackpot in the casino attracts millions of people around the globe. It is clear that directors and screenwriters know about this, so there are many films whose plot is somehow connected with gaming establishments. Nevertheless, those who make bet casino, for example, on the website https://betinia.com/ie/, would like to see on the screen not just an interesting fictional story, but a real one. In fact, there are several films, the plot of which is based on real events.

The Man Who Hit the Jackpot in Monte Carlo

This is not to say that this is a super cult film that is reviewed several times. However, this movie has something to brag about and others.

So, «The Man Who Hit the Jackpot in Monte Carlo» is one of the very first Hollywood adaptations of the real success of a man who did the right bet casino. It is based on the story of an Englishman named Joseph Jagger. The action takes place back in the 70s of the century before last. Engineer Joseph was not indifferent to the mathematical sciences and to the bet casino. He suggested that the numbers that are selected on roulette by hitting the ball are not random at all. He determined that the roulette of a land-based casino has a special mechanism, as well as minor defects of the wheel itself. People hired by the research engineer began testing his hypothesis. They literally went into every Monte Carlo casino and recorded the results of the roulettes. Two years later, the hypothesis was confirmed.

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Joseph decided not to engage in revelations, but to use the new secret knowledge for his own good. So, he went to the Monte Carlo casino and enjoyed the results, successfully winning big money. The owners of the gambling establishment eventually guessed why a simple engineer manages to make a profit more often than others. Therefore, they began to build various intrigues, for example, they transferred roulette and tried to upset its balance. However, Joseph didn’t care anymore, as at that point he was able to win a sum with six zeros.


Blackjack was played, perhaps, by every fan of bet casino. There are different strategies for making a profit in this card game. However, one of the most interesting is still considered to be developed by Professor Ben Mezrich of the University of Massachusetts. His story formed the basis of the popular and now popular film «Twenty-One».

The scientist constructed his own mathematical model. Its meaning is to determine the most favorable moments in order to make a large bet in the process of observing the distribution of cards in blackjack. You can read more about this theory in the book «A Blow to the Casino», which Mezrich later wrote on his own.

The Big Game

This movie doesn’t tell the stories of people who made bet casinos and won. An extraordinary plot tells the story of the gambling establishment itself.

The basis of the film is the biography of Molly Bloom. The woman became interested in poker, and later her interest grew so much that she created her own underground casino. At the same time, she not only organized tournaments, but also trained people. In the media, Molly was called the «princess of poker».

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The film tells how the desire to engage in your favorite hobby outweighs all possible risks. The «Princess of Poker» worked completely illegally, while FBI agents were actively interested in her. However, the bans and surveillance did not prevent Molly from hosting and later training show business stars and wealthy entrepreneurs in poker.

Of course, the game in modern online casinos is not associated with any action. But the user doesn’t need it. It is much more pleasant to enjoy a comfortable and safe game, making a bet casino from any gadget, and immerse yourself in the world of adventure and huge risks, only watching exciting movies.

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