What is more important for the elderly: the climate or the wallet?

What is more important for the elderly: the climate or the wallet?

British Elderly Association Insomnia I asked 500 members if they would be willing to pay more if it would lead to a more progressive climate policy. The result is surprising: 78 percent of people over 50 want more climate policies and 65 percent would like to pay more for goods or services if the policy were implemented.

These are great numbers, showing that the notion that people are afraid of rising costs because of the climate may not be true. In the Netherlands, politicians like Thierry Baudt (Forum for Democracy) and Mark Rutte (VVD) have raised the costs as an argument against (accelerating) climate policy, as a higher CO2 tax from the EU has little effect on the Dutch economy. “The Dutch economy can handle this very well,” says director Olaf Sleben. against Volkskrant.

The Netherlands and the costs of the climate

Now the UK is not the same country as the Netherlands. But there are also figures for Dutch elderly people. CBS Conducted a major study on perspectives on climate change. The agency found that young people are more likely to see climate change as a major problem than older adults. However, this is mainly because young people are often highly educated and highly educated people consider climate more important. Older people often worry that climate policy will cost a lot of money.

and the Opinion board today It was shown in 2019 that older people are primarily afraid of the costs of the climate, while younger people are afraid of wet feet. How reliable is the opinion board Discussion topicBut among the group of 35 or older, more than half said they weren’t worried about climate change.

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KBO-PCOB, the largest association for the elderly in the Netherlands, examined the opinions of its members in 2019. This shows that older people consider sustainability important: at least 92 percent of the 1,300 respondents (average age: 74 years) consider Sustainability is an important topic. But costs also seem to be a problem for older adults. Only 80% do not think that moving costs are too high for citizens (Something also referred to by PBL), at a foundation roundtable, seniors noted that getting funding for sustainability can be more difficult when you get older.

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