What exactly is the situation with exposed BVD files

What exactly is the situation with exposed BVD files

an exception

For a long time, the files were kept under state secrets, but the intelligence and security services are now also subject to the “archives law regime,” says emeritus professor of “intelligence and security” Bob de Graaf of Utrecht University.

But there is a small exception for AIVD. “It can take a little longer. With other authorities, it takes 20 to 30 years after a document is formed, but in this case, it’s too late,” says de Graaf. And there are still restrictions on private files.”

Permission required

It is no longer painted black, but you have to apply to see it. “Some files are quite public, but in other cases you will have to explain the reasons why you are able to view that particular file,” explains de Graaf.

If people are now under 100 years of age, a statement is required that someone is dead or you need a statement from the person that they have no objection to showing the document.

Extremists or spies

The professor emeritus explains that even if you want to see your private file, you have to submit an application.

He himself believes that it is especially interesting for relatives or historians that these files can be viewed now. “The vast majority of people belong to an extremist party. Or spies,” he says. Small chance that you will find your family in it.

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