column |  The science behind self-hypnosis

column | The science behind self-hypnosis

Can you also be an atheist as a pastor? Is it credible to open a butcher shop as a vegan? W: How bad is it when you spend your free time as the head of a popular science journal alternative facts declare? Last week, the acting editor-in-chief of the monthly magazine appeared SearchLyn Kuyper, Director of Content, is also active as a lifestyle coach on Instagram. Through her account The Energy Feed, she promotes self-hypnosis and Oil pull (Gurgling with oil) – Scientifically unproven activities, to say the least. It also “proves” Masaru Emoto right, a man who spoke to two bowls of rice for a month: one affectionately, the other hatefully. (The beloved rice remained fragrant, the worn-out rice rotten. A third bowl, completely ignored, was shaped the most. According to Imoto, it showed the destructive energy of hatred and neglect, but no objective evidence was found.)

Search-Publisher Hearst believes that in “diversity and inclusion politics (…) there must be room for individual vision and opinion”, According to an internal letter that was leaked to the site no style. According to the department, the Instagram account “doesn’t mean that Lyn has a completely different view of what science is,” but that it “leaves room for certain things that aren’t (completely) scientifically proven.”

I read the letter with a knot in my stomach. Especially in a time rife with misinformation online, you as a reader should be able to assume that the Science Editor considers objectivity to be of the utmost importance. Theoretically, it is entirely possible that Kuiper conflated fact with fiction Search You will break up. But the fact that a major reorganization is now being carried out does not inspire much hope, as well as the fact that A.S Norwegian Refugee Councilrecently fellow three (formerly)Search— the editors who feared the magazine might take a radically different path. (Kuyper and Hearst declined to comment.)

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Communication, including scientific communication, will never be effective. wrote literary scholar Liesje Schreuders in an opinion piece this week Norwegian Refugee Council. In it, she incites the National Center for Scientific Communication, which will be formed at the initiative of Minister Daggraf. According to Schroders, communication is a term that “doesn’t matter[gaat] Of Facts and Values” and “Clouds and Mysteries.” She questions her words (after all, all text is communication), sure, but in one attempt she cuts through the entire press.

Communicare translated from Latin means “to take part” or “to make common.” Anyone who communicates about science, as a journalist or researcher, should strive to make knowledge objectively transparent. The Science Communication Center can contribute to this.

Search also? This is a matter of waiting.

Gemma Finnhuizen Biology Editor at NRC and writes a column here every Wednesday.

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