Whales use Kim Kardashian’s nasal sounds to catch fish in the depths

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Toothed whales, such as dolphins, killer whales, and sperm whales, use sound to communicate and to capture food. They can dive as deep as 2,000 meters and eat more fish than all the fishermen in the world catch together.

When foraging in deep, dark waters, they use short, powerful clicks for ultrasonic echolocation. They sputter up to 700 times per second to find, track and capture prey.

But for the sound, you need to vibrate. and air vibrations. How do you do that when you’re swimming deep in the ocean under very high pressure? New research shows that these animals have evolved a special acoustic source in their noses, with which they can produce different vocal registers – just like humans do with our voice.

To capture food in the depths, they use their grumbling or squeaking voice. In English vocal larvae. A registry also often used by Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Scarlett Johansson. This sound requires very little air which makes it very suitable for conditions where the lungs have collapsed and there is less air.

Placing the sound system in the nose allows the animals to use five times more air pressure than a professional trumpeter. In doing so they make the loudest sound in the entire animal kingdom.

A sound – when they are looking for food in the depths – is produced in the nose and sent through the skull into the water.

Read more here: Toothed whales capture food in the depths using acoustic larvae.

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