Weather during GB in USA

Weather during GB in USA

The upcoming United States Grand Prix will be very hot. We saw values ​​of 33-35 degrees at race time in Qatar, but we will go even higher this weekend. The weather is sunny and there is little wind. Unlike the Grand Prix two weeks ago, now there will be no disturbance due to blowing sand.

Scorching heat

Friday and Saturday Almost identical days weather-wise near Austin, Texas. It is very sunny and the temperature rises to very high values. Normally at this time of year thermometers will be around 26 degrees in the afternoon, but the coming days will be warmer than usual. As cold air is rare, it can also be very hot. Evenings are summery with temperatures ranging from 26 to 28 degrees in the surrounding area.

Austin, Texas Weather Forecast GP

A few more clouds on Sunday

Op Sunday We see a cautionary change in the weather approaching. The day starts out sunny, but more cumulus clouds appear in the afternoon. As a result, the sun sets for a short period of time. Everywhere is dry. Afternoon temperatures will be slightly lower, due to a small number of cumulus clouds: it can reach a maximum of 36 degrees, and a local temperature of 37 degrees. Winds are south-southeasterly and still weak, about 2 Bft.

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