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“We just do something” – Wel.nl

Governments across the western world are taking measures to stop the spread of the virus. Curfews, strict lockdown, smart lockdown, and no-fly time. But do we know what effect these measures have?


There are studies on the effects of the measures. Stanford University reviewed the 27 major studies, all of which were peer-reviewed and featured in scientific journals. Conclusion: out of 27, 1 meets scientific criteria.

Of the 27 studies measuring the impact of lockdowns and other measures on the spread of Corona, only one appears to have passed the inhalation test. This is just built on strong enough, ”Haber says in a conversation with HLN “The other 26 fail on one or more of the four points. They use very shaky tactics.” Haber and his colleagues stress that their research does not prove that measures of corona are useless. “We are only showing that it is impossible to prove the effect of certain measures.There may be useful information in such a study, but if the method is defective, the evidence is useless. ”

The biggest problem: a set of measures were introduced simultaneously in nearly every setting. For example: masks are mandatory, catering facilities are closed and schools are closed.

Haber: If you introduce a package of measures at the same time, it is practically impossible to demonstrate the effects of the different measures.

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