Thousands of Ebola vaccines are on their way to Guinea

Thousands of Ebola vaccines are on their way to Guinea

Health authorities in Guinea said that Guinea is expected to begin vaccination against the Ebola virus on Monday. The intention is for more than 11,000 doses to arrive this weekend from Geneva, where the World Health Organization (WHO) is located. Another 8,600 vaccines are shipped from the United States.

The disease reappeared in Guinea after a five-year absence, especially in the southeastern city of Nzricore. So far, six people have died from the infectious disease. Authorities established more than 200 contacts with patients while searching for the source and contact. The first cases appeared after the funeral of a healthcare worker.

One death has also been reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There was another outbreak last year under control Advertise.

Better prepared

And health authorities in both countries want vaccinations to prevent the deadly disease from spreading on a large scale and killing thousands of lives again. The largest outbreak of the virus between 2013 and 2016 killed more than 11,000 people in West Africa.

“Perhaps we will not see another situation like this,” said Machidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director. She added that countries were now better prepared and had more resources. For example, there was no vaccine available in the previous outbreak.

He has the Red Cross Hundreds of rescuers Sent to Guinea to prevent further spread. This is done, among other things, by providing information about safe funerals, since Ebola is more contagious when a patient dies.

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