Watch the stunning and colorful final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Ultimate!  films

Watch the stunning and colorful final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Ultimate! films

With just over a month left before The Super Mario Bros. A movie from Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment will hit theaters, and heavy marketing weapons will be deployed.

The final trailer for the upcoming animated movie has just been revealed via the new Nintendo Direct. It was announced a few weeks ago via Nintendo’s social media channels that the trailer will be released on March 10th in China (and thus March 9th abroad).

Nintendo Direct
Through Nintendo Directs, Nintendo has kept the public informed with trailers and other advertisements such as posters since the beginning of its marketing.

Of course, these YouTube ads have occasionally featured producers and members of the voice cast like Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black, Charlie Day, Keegan Michael Key, and Seth Rogen.

ambitious journey
During the Nintendo Direct, Illumination Entertainment’s Chris Meledandri also came forward to say that the film has now completed post-production and is ready for release in April.

After six years in the making, Nintendo and Illumination have finally completed post-production on the Super Mario Bros. movie. Melandri said.

“Almost 600 people worked on this movie, from the animators in France to the Nintendo team in Japan and our lighting team here in the US. It pushed the technical and artistic capabilities of our studio to new heights.”

Epic final trailer
The result is impressive! You can check out the latest trailer for the upcoming one below Super Mario Bros. filmwhich mainly reveals a more vivid scene than the details of the story.

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It shows a lot of amazing scenery on the Rainbow Trail. About this sequence in the movie, directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelinek also give a brief explanation at the end of Nintendo Direct.

Super Mario Bros. game. film will be out of reach April 5th It can be seen in Dutch cinemas. from tomorrow March tenth Ticket sales officially start!!!

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