Pernelle La Lao ends her relationship: “a bitter pill”

Pernelle La Lao ends her relationship: “a bitter pill”

Pernell also views ending their relationship as a bitter pill. She calls it “the choice in my relationship to give each other space and let each go their own way.”

The introduction asserts that she and her partner are friends and therefore understand each other well. But the couple could not have been together for the past six months. “Because of work, but above all because of family circumstances that demand all of our attention. My (now ex) partner and I think it’s important to be there for our family. You also want to be able to be together in a relationship and not be apart for a long time.

Pernell writes realistic. She wants to be with her parents and take care of them. The father of the presenter has Alzheimer’s disease. She writes of her ex-husband “and he must be with his family on the other side of the world to provide the necessary care and attention.” Our parents are important in life.

In August 2021 in an interview with The new Rev It is known that he found love again. “We were friends and we were more together,” she says about it now. It was an amazing time. Now we return to that precious friendship and continue to appreciate and give to each other what we have given.”

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