Was he wrongly arrested on the basis of facial recognition?

Was he wrongly arrested on the basis of facial recognition?

Detroit Police “Thanks Wrong!” Tell someone who has been falsely accused of shoplifting, Writes On the edge. That apology alone is not enough for a person who has been falsely accused. He is now suing Detroit Police for arrest on the basis of a false facial recognition contract. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Robert Williams, the first American to be falsely arrested on the basis of facial recognition.

The arrest was wrong

Detroit police questioned Williams in 2019 about a store robbery security footage. Used facial recognition technology in a grain image from a detective video. The organization has identified Williams as a potential competitor based on his driving license photo. But as the case points out, facial recognition is often misleading, especially with darker images and lower quality photography.

Williams, who was fired from his job at home during the incident, spent 30 hours in a detention center. The ACLU later filed a formal complaint on his behalf, and the public prosecutor’s office apologized, saying the case could be dropped. The ACLU alleges that Detroit police used facial recognition under conditions they should have known would give credible results, The Verge writes.

Admit the mistake

The department acknowledged that Williams’ arrest was based on “poor investigative work” and other errors. The indictment now speaks of a model because it often occurred after Williams.

In the United States, thousands of agencies use facial recognition technologies to identify suspects. Some have now stopped because it would not be very accurate.

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