In fact, what Biden wants is exciting: America needs to go beyond its own long shadow and become more ‘European’

In fact, what Biden wants is exciting: America needs to go beyond its own long shadow and become more ‘European’

Do I see it right? Is America cautiously shifting from a pale black to a shining example again? In early February, I noticed how quickly things changed the next day for Trump. After a few months, it is enjoying a comeback as a guide country. These days it can go fast.

Shooting and police brutality are still there, but other than that, something amazing is happening that is fundamentally changing America and affecting Europe. Peter Geeson wrote about this in Volgograd. President Joe Biden is turning capitalism into a new twist, with higher taxes and an active state pursuing greater social justice. With the neo-liberal ideology that dominated the Western world since Reagan took office in 1981, it had a gap and lower taxes, smaller government and confidence in a free market. “Just as Europe was inspired by Reagan at the time, so now Biden can lead it,” Geisen says.

Geeson is an expert in drawing wide links, and the picture he briefly tells me here is one of a historical turning point. Where the United States and the West have collectively turned right, they now seem to want to turn left. Europe, like the past, can replicate itself to the United States. In January, after Hurricane Capitol, they would have dared to wonder who the land was when it was written.

It should be noted here that from an American perspective, European countries have always been more ‘left-wing’ than the United States, distributing their welfare states and wealth much better. But that does not change the fact that the New Liberal Consensus has come to an end, that Biden wants to play a pioneering role in finding an alternative, and French President Macron has already set an example for him.

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The timing is perfect. As for America, the New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote that he is interesting as an ideological meteorologist. He is a thoughtful conservative, he supports cheap government. But in the face of growing inequality, growing racial wealth and declining social cohesion in the United States, he now writes: “Like many, I have moved to the left.” The American model, in which social spending is lower than in Europe, but the economic dynamics are higher, has become unbalanced. According to him, more money should go to the ‘less privileged’.

Brooks is right. In New York, an expert practice on Fifth Avenue, a woman in pain pulled out one credit card after another, but none of them were helped because they did not have enough money. America has many faces, beautiful and ugly, which is the harsh reality of American waiting rooms 20 meters away from Central Park.

I also read the novel American Rust About the poor people in the industrial cities of Pennsylvania who have been rejected by time and abandoned by politics. Why didn’t those Americans start a revolution? Question raised by writer Philip Meyer. Answer: Because it is natural to blame yourself in the American system. The book comes from 2009, the revolution in 2016, the forgotten Americans no longer blamed themselves, but the elite – and chose Trump.

To avoid a comeback, Biden plans to allocate $ 5,000 (!) Billion to the strong government for better distribution of wealth and better infrastructure. What he wants is really exciting: America needs to jump above its own long shadow and become more ‘European’. Macron, who has a lot of contact with right-wing and left-wing populists, is looking at whether Fiden will succeed in making democracy work for all. Success is not guaranteed.

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Socio-economic reforms will reduce inequality and thus eliminate the breeding ground for populist uprisings. But turning left should not become a license for left-wing socio-cultural madness like this crazy spell debate in the UK. In the United States and Europe they are only pursuing a cultural war, as well as a paralyzing polarization.

Ari Elshout is a journalist

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