Volvo has the best quarter ever

Volvo has the best quarter ever

Volvo has the best quarter ever

Volvo Cars recorded the best first quarter in its history. Sales are up nearly 41 percent compared to last year. The highlight was in China, where Volvo sold 117 percent more. This, by the way, compared to the first quarter of 2020, when this country was still largely closed.

In Europe, sales increased by a quarter, with sales in March increasing nearly 60%. Additionally, the number of online subscriptions via Care by Volvo was three times higher than it was a year ago.


Worldwide, Volvo Cars sold 185,698 new cars, compared to 131,889 cars in the first quarter of 2020. In March, sales of 75,315 copies were 62 percent higher. A quarter of these cars belong to the Recharge series with either electric or hybrid drive. In Europe, this percentage is already 62 percent.


China acquired 45,242 Volvo cars in the first quarter, just under a quarter of all sales. For Volvo, Europe is still a much more important market, with 87,575 cars, or 47 percent. In the United States, Volvo sold 27,239 cars, with March marked by an 80 percent growth rate. The top model worldwide remains the XC40, followed by the XC60 and by far the XC90.

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