Vlogicoon Monica Geuze stops and she doesn’t get any prettier than she did on her latest episode

Vlogicoon Monica Geuze stops and she doesn’t get any prettier than she did on her latest episode

“My dream has come true, I have been able to create my own future thanks to you, and I know this is very unique.” For example, influencer Monica Geuze, 27, started Tuesday with a crying face announcing to her more than half a million followers that she would stop vlogging. in a Her latest blog (short for vlog), titled “The End of an Era,” just unveiled her weekly vlog after eight years in a characteristically intimate way.

Although the letter is full of drama, the title of its final stanza is striking. “When I started I was eighteen or nineteen, now I’m… oh my gosh, I’m 28. I’m a mom now.” One reaching the age of majority Who followed her closely hundreds of thousands of followers. Literally, for example in the vlogs I recorded just before and after giving birth. In total, her videos have been viewed over 273 million times.

A new generation of celebrities

Geuze started out at the age of 16 as a disc jockey for rapper Ronnie Flex, after which she also achieved some success as a solo artist. However, real fame came when she started vlogging a few years later, on the advice of her then-boyfriend, rapper Lil Klein. She was not the first vlogger in the Netherlands, but she became one of the faces of a large group of young celebrities who gained fame by sharing their daily lives through vlogging.

For a long time she was considered a refreshing savior in that glowing little world. Not a perfect doll but accessible and funny. The most liked comment in her latest vlog reads for a reason: “Since the beginning I have followed your adventure and feel like I really know you. […] You were really part of my routine.” In her vlogs, she could be seen regularly right after working out, at McDonald’s or in bed all day with a hangover. In the early days she couldn’t make ends meet with her vlog, and she also worked At the Bagels & Beans lunch chain and at a clothing store.

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Those times are now far behind Geuze, who has gone far beyond her vlog and emerged as a celebrity of diverse scope. She has become a businesswoman who has, for example, her own brand of cosmetics and jewelry, which she promotes through social media. She does the popular podcast with fellow YouTuber Kaj Gorgels Geuze & GorgelsAnd as an author, I brought an autobiography my way From. In addition, Geuze has become the face of RTL, hosting popular dating shows, among other things Temptation Island And the Love Islandand seen in 2020 at The smartest person.

“I haven’t watched vlogs like myself in a while”

So it’s no surprise that one of the reasons Geuze has stopped her vlog is because she has a hard time “keeping all the balls in the air.” Plus, she says in her final episode, the presence of vloggers began to bother her about her need for privacy. The need for privacy has been around for some time, so she didn’t picture her daughter, now four, in a way that would be recognizable. In 2017 she told Parole: “For a while now I no longer see vlogs as myself, but as a business product that I launched.” When asked if she thinks vlogging is a narcissistic profession, she replies, “I find it especially hard that it’s always about myself.” That same year, I decided to start vlogging weekly, instead of daily.

Despite her privacy concerns, she also ended her vlogging career in a special way: with a personal and unvarnished story about how her relationship ended after three years. In the episode she says that she would like “I wish my last vlog was something like: I’m going to stop, but I’m going to take you another week on all the fun I’m going to do. But it’s not fun at the moment.” “It’s just ridiculous.”

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Even though her weekly vlog is over, she reassures her followers: She continues to make videos of her life on TikTok and Instagram, because “it’s what I used to be.”

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