Video: The opportunity in the homeland is greater than in America and Vietnam.  The former gunner says what’s the problem with the attackers

Video: The opportunity in the homeland is greater than in America and Vietnam. The former gunner says what’s the problem with the attackers

They barely survived last year. They didn’t enter the current season ideally either, but then came the turning point. Humenného footballers are currently the spear of the Second League and, in addition to successful results, they present themselves with good play. They confirmed this over the weekend at the home ground of ambitious Prešov.

“I have continued to instill confidence in the players on the field. I don’t want us to just kick balls.” FK Homini, a former national team striker and at one point the first Slovakian player in MLS, explains to Š FK Homini, a former national team striker and at one point the first Slovakian player in MLS.

Against Prešov, there were certainly no chances at home, and in the end a goalless draw was born. Is it a little or a lot from your point of view?

“I’ll tell you the truth, we could have won or lost. The match, which took place on a very difficult pitch, was fast, both on the home side’s side and on our side. We created a lot of chances, but unfortunately we played against 14 men. The referee did not allow us to do anything.” Something. We had mistakes and promising situations, and he kept turning things the other way.

But I won’t comment on the ruling, I’m not here for that. I want to thank the boys for their combat performance and commitment. I think we outplayed the opposition, especially in attack. I am glad.”

Against a promotion hopeful, the team looked confident and football-like on the pitch. Perhaps this is also evidence of excellent form.

“Yes, you can say that we are on the right foot, we are on a successful streak. The quality up front is very great. We have players who are more or less typically designed for counter-attacks. We managed to deal with them well, but unfortunately we did not take advantage of the opportunities we had against them.” “Prešov. This cost us two points.”

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They don’t have big eyes, but their ambitions are growing

Before this fight, I was on a four-fight winning streak, scoring six goals in the previous seven matches. You don’t have to put pressure on yourself, right?

“I definitely won’t put pressure on myself, because I know this team, I’ve been with them since the summer. Our start was more tense, and we were losing on goal difference in the last minutes. In every match, we were at least a balanced team against the opponent, but we were not lucky at the beginning and were not “I didn’t know the players yet. Now I can say that I know them mentally as well, and I know what to expect from each of them.”

Last season, Homini played for redemption, and now it looks the same as it did in the beginning. With a series of successful results, I rose to the top, before the duel against Prešov, I was in sixth place. What do you think are the main reasons for this shift?

“New players have also arrived, and there has been a change in the staff. I have continued to instill confidence in the players themselves on the pitch. I don’t want us to just kick balls, my goal is to play more complexly and more on the floor. This cost us points in the first matches, because We still don’t know how to integrate well.

In training, we focus on harmonic things and it pays off. When I compare the number of goals scored last season (Homini had the fewest of any team in League Two, editor’s note) and this season, there is a difference.

The Homin people (in blue) are experiencing a successful period. Source: Victor Zamborsky

It attacks the goals achieved by Homini during the first show after his return to the Second Division. In the 2021/22 season, he finished in sixth place. What do you dare do now?

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“Before the season, when I took over as coach, I said we wanted to save ourselves first. We didn’t have big eyes, but considering how the table is developing, we will try to be in the top six.”

Very little is done with attackers

After the end of last season, you already had one foot out. In the end, you stayed in Slovakia, changing your native Stropkov to Homini. Do you think this is a good move?

“I’ll put it this way. I’m a coach who has trained in clubs like Trencin, Žilina, Bardejov or Prešov, but more or less young. At Homeno, I got my chance as a head coach in professional football for the first time. That’s why I decided to stay, even if for an amount “Less money than I have living in America or Vietnam.”

You have represented Slovakia 28 times. You have 9 goals to your credit, on average scored in every third match. It has been discussed for a long time that our football lacks productive strikers. How do you imagine that?

“In Slovak football, not much is done with strikers. As far as I know, they are mainly loyal to them in Žilina or Trencin. I am not saying that they are not dealt with at all, but the finishing touches and customization are not done as they should be. More in training.There is a stumbling block.

Just as we have a problem with young goalkeepers passing, the same applies to attackers. But we have a striker, Bojenik is great. “If he plays well at Boavista Porto, I think he will prove himself more often in the national team.”

There is also another Reiter on the Homin team. Will new son Oliver, 19, follow in your footsteps?

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“He’s injured at the moment. Even though he’s my son, I don’t treat him, I try to treat everyone in the cabin the same way. He will decide whether he will become a quality striker, or perhaps an actor. I’ll leave it to him. He has great taste.” “He is in a good mental state, so I think he will be a good player.”

People of Prešov: The opponent did not surprise us“We are not satisfied with the result. We wanted to please the fans and get full points. The match was difficult because the terrain became very difficult over time. We were not able to convert our chances and so it ended The result is 0:0.
The Saracens had adequately drawn the style of their opponent.
“We knew they had a high-quality team. We had been preparing all week and knew what was coming. The opponent did not surprise us with anything, but we should have taken advantage of the opportunities we had,” noted Havrila.
After coaching duo Marek Petros and Erik Havrila took over, Prešov’s team did not lose once. In six meetings, they achieved three wins and three draws, two of them at home. They have conceded just twice, 9 times in 15 rounds in total, which is the best defense in the competition. However, they did not even score that many goals, the only exception in the recent period being the 3-0 win in Dolní Kubin.
“We want to achieve higher goals and win. After the match with Homini, we are disappointed, but we have to keep working. The players gave their all and I believe we will go into the next match at home with full points,” added assistant coach Tatran.

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