Victor just remembers a fight in Mr.  Frank Visser

Victor just remembers a fight in Mr. Frank Visser

“This whining and crying only affects you,” Ricardo and Corinda, who also have a dog, tell their story to the SBS cameras. “Those dogs better get out of there.” Dogs bark not only during the day, but also at night. Ricardo and Corinda had to move their one-year-old son's bed due to the inconvenience. “We had to move him to the front of the house because he wasn't sleeping. (…) I also cried because of that. I find it very sad that it had to be this way. That our son had to leave his beautiful room because of the barking,” says mother Corinda. “We don't enjoy living here anymore,” her husband adds. The couple is even considering moving. “We've talked to the neighbors about their dogs, but they don't listen to us.”

They also accuse their neighbors of disturbing the smell. The four dogs don't walk, they defecate in the garden. The remains are then washed under the fence in the alley. “Then we end up with the stink and feces left in the alley, while you have to pass it in the alley.” Ricardo and Corinda demand that the four dogs leave and a ban is imposed on the area.

Concerned back neighbors, Jan and Sandra, in turn say that their loyal four-legged friends are very well behaved and do not bark on their own at all. According to them, they only bark when provoked by neighbors. “The neighbors challenged the dogs and our dogs responded. It's been drama ever since.” In fact, the neighbors are the biting dog with their screams: they are tired of their neighbor making sheep noises and putting the middle finger on them. “He doesn't like us.” So Jan and Sandra want to block the connection and area.

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So it's time for Mr. Visser and Viktor travel to Wolfega to put an end to this barking. It's only when he comes to measure the noise at Ricardo and Corinda's house that the disturbance isn't so bad. However, neighbors continue to complain about the noise. This is too much for Jan, who had previously escaped during a confrontation with his neighbors. “They turned the whole story around. That's why I walked away again,” he later explained after he had calmed down a bit. Shortly after that, Jan escapes for the third time when the neighbors again complain about the smell of the four dogs' feces.

Even during the hearing, Jan cannot control his emotions and turns away again when the neighbors claim that they give their dogs pills and that is why they are so quiet. “Is your husband stressed because this is not normal?” asks the master. Fisher to Sandra. “I'm afraid he's going to have another heart attack,” she replies, after which the neighbor suggests that maybe he should stop interfering with others so much.

Meanwhile, the hearing continues as usual and the dog behavior expert concludes that the younger dog Luna in particular still needs some guidance and that it would be best for Sandra to follow the training so that the dog will listen to her more. The expert also urges them to walk the four dogs more often, so that they have less time to do their work in the garden.

When Ricardo and Corinda point out that they have little confidence in this matter, things quickly go from bad to worse. Especially when Sandra claims that Ricardo threatened to throw a rock through her window. When Ricardo denies it, Jan can't take it anymore and wants to attack his neighbor. Victor has to pull him away before things get completely worse. “Are you completely crazy?” He scolds him.

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To keep the peace, mr. Visser states that dogs are not allowed in the backyard for more than an hour per day. Instead, Sandra and Jan have to take their dogs on long walks so they can do their business there. Furthermore, Sandra and Jan should follow a behavioral course with Luna, as recommended by the expert. In addition, there will also be a contact ban, as well as a region ban. “Everything to prevent the dispute from escalating further,” the judge said.

Mr. Frank Visser makes a statement It can be watched every Thursday at 8:30pm on SBS6. Watch Thursday's episode here behind.

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