Vegan burger maker Impossible Foods Wants Public

The American producer of Impossible Foods, a veggie burger, reportedly wants to roll it out to the public. Reuters has reported based on informed sources that the company will aim for a market value of $ 10 billion or more.

During last year’s funding round, the company’s price was still around $ 4 billion. But the demand for meat alternatives is on the rise, which is why investors are likely to be so interested. Celebrities like tennis star Serena Williams and rapper Jay-Z have already put money into Impossible Foods.

According to sources, the manufacturer of Impossible burger, among other things, which is also sold by Burger King restaurant chain in the US, is now considering whether a trip to the stock exchange is interesting. It is also looking into the possibility of merging with the so-called SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), which is an empty stock exchange in which investors invest money with the aim of acquiring a company.

A potential IPO could take place sometime in the next twelve months. Impossible Foods itself declined to comment on the news. Industry associate Beyond Meat has already taken the step into equity markets.

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