VDL Nedcar |  Canoo deliberately abandons production cars in 1 Limburg

VDL Nedcar | Canoo deliberately abandons production cars in 1 Limburg

Canoo, the American manufacturer of electric cars, will definitely not be making cars at the VDL Nedcar in Bourne. Made entirely in the United States.

The two companies are still in talks about future cooperation, reports said Canoe In a press release.

First customer
Canoo is VDL Nedcar’s first new customer this summer after BMW decided to shift production of the BMW and MINI models to its own factories. In June, both companies announced that Canoo would start producing cars from next year until 2028. VDL Nedcar wants to set up additional production space in the parking lot first, as normal production of BMW and MINI will continue until 2023.

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All are Americans
Canoo has now decided to build the electric car entirely in a new factory in Arkansas, USA. And 96 percent of car parts used are from the United States or allies.

VDL Nedcar will repay the $ 30.4 million (approximately மில்லியன் 25 million) deposit amount.

To underline the new relationship with Canoo, the company is taking out $ 8.4 million (.5 7.5 million) in shares of the company. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Tony and Canoe team and exploring new possibilities together,” said Willem van der Leekde, Chairman of VDL Group. “We are pleased with our investment in Canoe and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

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