# 107 went with the wind

# 107 went with the wind

# 107 went with the wind

The United States has become increasingly accustomed to natural disasters, but in recent days the hurricane that struck five states has wreaked havoc. Whole villages and businesses were ‘gone with the wind.’ John stands in the rubble with his shoes and talks about it in episode # 107 of America Podcast.

Politically, a hurricane is toppling Washington, with new revelations about Donald Trump’s possible role in the January 6 Capitol storm. Leading U.S. Trump supporters, including John and Bernard and his son, listened with growing surprise to the text messages of pessimistic text messages sent to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the storm. They were practically on their knees to get Trump to intervene – in vain.

President Biden is not doing well politically. However, with America’s Podcast’s mailbox, it was again full of questions from listeners.

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The weekly America Podcast is hosted by John Postma from Washington DC and Bernard Hummelberg from New York or Amsterdam. The podcast will be online Wednesday, you can listen to it through or through your favorite podcast apps bnr.nl/amerika.

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