Vatican sues Cardinal over real estate scandal

Vatican sues Cardinal over real estate scandal

A judge in Vatican City has ordered the trial of 10 people over controversial property investments in London. Among the accused is Angelo Picchio, the influential cardinal last year Because of the scandal launched by Pope Francis.

The Vatican made investments in real estate in London between 2014 and 2018. According to the judiciary, this has been accompanied by extortion, money laundering and fraud. The total investment amounted to 350 million euros, the Associated Press news agency wrote.

Vatican City Justice has spent two years investigating the matter and has now announced the prosecution of ten people and four companies. The trial begins on July 27.


The accused Cardinal Pacchio agreed to the investment from his position at the time as head of the day-to-day administration of the Vatican Administration. Suspected of embezzlement and abuse of office. Other Vatican officials have also been charged, as well as a number of real estate agents and lawyers.

Yet Becciu has consistently said he is innocent. Despite this, he was fired last year pending investigation. He may continue to call himself a Cardinal, but without the rights attached to him.

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