Usher prepares for the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show

Usher prepares for the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show

Usher has stepped away from his Las Vegas residency for a while, because he has a higher goal: performing the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show. It's an American football game, but it's actually one of the most commercial moments of the year. A commercial costs $7 million in half a minute. Artists perform for free and the whole world is amazed by the largest “sporting” event in the world. We already know that Google has an announcement, and we expect an announcement as well, Amazon and Disney, but we will share all of that with you on Monday morning.

Usher and half-time show

Usher's show is sponsored by Apple Music and hilarious videos have already surfaced in which the tech company CEO waits for the event wearing his Usher T-shirt. To some people, Usher is a '90s RnB artist, but to others he's a living legend who continues to release new music to this day.

The halftime show is always a real show: Usher gets 15 to 20 minutes to show what he has to offer. He will no doubt perform some old songs, ultimately a crowd pleaser, but there is also new music that will no doubt be blasting through the stadium. And dancing: If there's one thing Usher is known for, it's his moves. Expectations are high: how many dancers will he bring with him, what will the theme be? Last year, Rihanna stood with her pregnant belly on a number of light platforms, while dancers danced on their limbs.


Of course, the goal is always for one halftime show to outshine the other, sometimes done through quasi-political statements, as Latinas Shakira and JLo did a few years ago. But of course it also happened with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's “wardrobe malfunction”, which clearly wasn't a mistake, but caused one of the biggest shocks in entertainment history. At least, in the US, we shrug our shoulders and wonder if that nipple clamp is really comfortable under such a suit.

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Asher will likely come without the nipple clamps, but perhaps there's something else for thrill-seekers: roller skating. His show in recent years has been full of figure skating skills. Usher hasn't released anything about the show yet, other than the teaser videos that you can watch throughout this article.

2024 is Van Asher

2024 is the year of Asher. The RnB star doesn't just have a Super Bowl to put himself back on the map. A brand new album is coming out tomorrow, he's in a commercial for Kim Kardashian's Skims, he's working with the biggest K-Pop star in the world, and then there's also a tour starting in the US, but likely also including Europe. As many fans (including yours truly) traveled to Paris six months ago because he finally escaped Las Vegas to attend a show for several special nights in Paris. With a lot of skating there as well, we estimate it will be a dynamic show. We also hope that an American football match will be equally dynamic: after all, that's what it's all about, right?

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