US Senate approves additional aid to Ukraine

US Senate approves additional aid to Ukraine

Last night the Senate voted against support measures worth $110 billion (over €102 billion) to various countries. Most of that money was for Ukraine (61 billion), but Israel (14 billion) would benefit from US support.

Linked to immigration

All Republican senators and independent Senator Bernie Sanders voted against the plan. Democratic senators voted in favor. As a result, the support plan received 49 votes in the 100-member Senate, while 60 votes were needed.

Republicans have refused to agree to the plans because they believe border controls in the US are not strict enough. At first glance, these two things have nothing to do with each other.

“But you see Republicans tying support for Ukraine to problems on the border. It’s become a kind of pressure,” explains reporter Sophie van der Meer.

The White House warned the US Congress this week: “We don’t have the money to support Ukraine in this fight. It won’t be a problem next year. Now is the time to help democratic Ukraine fight against Russian aggression. Congress needs to act.”

President Joe Biden said before the Senate vote that “Putin cannot be allowed to win.”

Large division

But within Congress, which includes the House of Representatives in addition to the Senate, there have long been major divisions over helping Ukraine.

Journalist Eric Mouton explained this week that the Republican right “does not believe in a prominent role for the United States on the world stage.” “For President Biden, it’s important that America supports democracies under attack.”

Senator Bernie Sanders also did not support the plan, but for different reasons. He said yesterday that he could not live with the billions in support of Israel because of that country’s ‘inhumane military attitude’. He wants to provide Israel with anti-aircraft defenses to ‘protect Israeli citizens against incoming rocket attacks’, but is not interested in major arms deliveries.

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‘Pallets quickly disappeared’

It is unclear how to proceed with US support for Ukraine and Israel. It is not known whether a firm decision will be made by the end of this year The New York Times But very questionable.

The United States is not only Ukraine’s most important military ally, but also its largest financial backer. “Without American support it’s simply over and the bullets will run out quickly,” Mouton said this week.

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